“Day by day I promise to love you and honor you; to treasure you and respect you; to walk with you side by side, in joy and sorrow.”

Most of us have imagined finding the man or woman of our dreams who will sweep us off our feet and pledge to spend eternity by our side. For each of us, that picture may be different, but when we do experience that sense of overwhelming love for another person, we wish nothing more than to declare it to the world and ride off into the sunset.

While society has changed over centuries, the wedding is still the ultimate celebration of love for another person, recognised world wide as a commitment to share our lives with one another for as long as we live.

Although marriage is a traditional concept, there are almost limitless ways to create your ceremony, so that it represents you as a couple, and everything that is special and unique about both of you. There are legal requirements to be met, but each ceremony can be personalised, from beginning to end, resulting in a true celebration of yourselves as individuals and as a couple.

You can write your own vows, or find inspiration from my own vast collection. My promise to you, is that I will listen to your wishes, and do everything possible to make your special day the perfect representation of your love for each other. Traditional, fairy tail, quirky, humorous, fun, musical, simple, meaningful; whatever you have in mind, we can realise.

On your wedding day, along with your new husband or wife, you will take home your Certificate of Marriage, and a printed copy of your unique ceremony, as a keepsake to help you remember the promises made to each other on that memorable day.

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“Sensual pleasure passes and vanishes in the twinkling of an eye,
But the friendship between us, the mutual confidence,
The delights of the heart, the enchantment of the soul,
These things do not perish and can never be destroyed.
I shall love you until I die.”
(Francois Voltaire)

There is nothing more inspirational than to see a couple who have spent years together, and can still find that special twinkle in their eye for their life partner. It may have changed and matured over time, but when they look at each other they see all that they have been through together and realise there is no one else who could ever understand them in the same way, an understanding that comes from supporting one another through good and bad, and feeling their love deepen from those experiences.

Renewing your marriage vows can mean replicating the words of your wedding day, or creating a new and different celebration in honor of the promises you made on that day. It is the perfect way to mark a special anniversary, or simply a lovely reason to throw a party.

Whether you have been married 1yr or 50yrs, a vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to each other in marriage, and in revisiting your vows, further strengthening your bond.

A Love Commitment ceremony is an expression of love and devotion between two people, whether gay, lesbian or straight, who wish to celebrate that love with a ritual to share with friends and family.

These kinds of ceremonies have a long history, dating back to early Egyptian times, and the era of the Roman Empire, making them a tradition centuries old.

As all relationships are unique, your ceremony should be a true reflection of you as a couple and I will incorporate any ideas you have to create your perfect day. Unbound by legal constraints, together we can create a memorable ceremony that is all about you.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (William Shakespeare)

The birth of a baby is possibly the most incredible experience of our lives, and such a precious moment for new parents to share with each other. While Shakespeare’s words ring true, that a name does not define us, naming a child still holds great significance to us; the selection of a name is approached with respect and much thought goes into the choice.

A lack of an affiliation with a religion does not mean that the naming of your child should pass without ritual.

The Naming ceremony provides an opportunity to formerly welcome your child into the world, the family and community to which they belong. It offers parents a chance to announce their chosen name, and its meaning; and to recognise other significant people who will contribute to the future of their child.

Whatever your cultural background, a naming ceremony can be presonalised to create a meaningful celebration of life, offering hope and positivity for the future